Decorative Plasters brings you a piece of history that dates back to the wealthiest and most powerful cities of the Italian Renaissance. Decorative Plasters works with more than 15 different authentic Italian plasters or "Venetian plasters".

Certified applicator of Italian Plasters or "Venetian Plasters", Nedjo Andjusic located in Royal Oak, Michigan, utilizes techniques designed and perfected by Italians many generations ago.

Characteristics of our finishes range in sheen and texture from the polished elegance of Stucco Veneziano to the heavily textured , rustic look of Murs d'Art.

Customize the color of this Italian plasters finish to blend with your present décor or outside environment.

The phrase "Venetian plaster" was created in the early 80's in the United States. The name comes from the Venetian area of Italy. "Venetian Plaster" usually refers to a polished plaster either lime or resin. Today, the term, "Venetian Plaster" is not used in Italy. Instead, it is called "decorative stuccos". And the term Italian plaster is also commonly used now. One of the Italian plasters, Veneziano, is referred to by Italians as "The Women’s Stucco" because it burnishes to an even gloss with very little effort.

Samples of various Italian and Venetian textures and colors can be personally demonstrated and your questions answered with one phone call or email to Nedjo.